For Frisco seniors in 2017 staying up with fashion can be a chore. Altr’d State, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 change on a daily basis, but one thing that has stayed constant is the constant love that our seniors (and our team) have for the sparkly jewelry from Kendra Scott!

John Paull II High School senior, Addie Burlage, is no different when it comes to Kendra, but she definitely wowed our team with her awesome fashion sense – even when she walked out in a ball gown worthy of a Disney Princess.

Even though these Texas seniors love to stay up with the times whether it’s with the new Snapchat filters or the latest Youtube challenge, they honor our traditions with vigor and pride. Cotillion is a VERY traditional rite of passage that some young men and women go through as they go through high school. It’s pretty much a lot of etiquette classes, dancing, and volunteer work in the community that is supposed to be a way to introduce these young people to the world. The program ends with a huge ball where the ladies are escorted by the gentlemen, they do this elaborate bow, eat dinner (pinkies up people!), and dance the night away!

Addie was willing to put on the multi-layered dress and don her tiara for a few shots in the stunning main hall of the Cotton Mill. After twirling for us and showing off her perfect bow, Addisyn traded out the lace for an open backed dress, boots, and an awesome leather jacket!

We explored the old rooms of the cotton mill, made some Indiana Jones moves across the open floorboards of the indigo dye room, and nearly avoided a terrible encounter with a hornets nest (shout out to our amazing intern team for spotting that)!

Having worn out our welcome, we trotted over to Towne Lake Park where Addie made another awesome outfit change to a sparkly purple homecoming dress that made her brown eyes pop! We played on the docks and then made our way around the small pond to finish on the old bridge that leads to hiking trails in McKinney. Addie’s last look showed off a vintage bombers jacket and she let her hair down for the final photos to really round out her style!

We already know this young lady is going to go places and do some amazing things, so we’re just going to practice our cotillion bows and watch her do her thing!


Which one is your favorite?